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New/old photo + video of Kristen playing guitar with a friend

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Peter Sattler talks about Kristen with Miami New Times

I've always thought Kristen Stewart as a terrific actress. You reached out to her for this role, right?

We did. We took a Hail Mary, and one of my executive producers was able to get it to her agent and amazingly, she wanted to be a part of the film. The reason I got kinda of obsessed with Kristen, once I allowed myself to imagine that she could potentially be interested in doing it, is because she has the perfect mixture of a very tough exterior but then soft, kinda chewy inside. You see that she's got an edge to her. She's a feisty girl, but you can see how, yeah, she would be a soldier. She could hold her own with these other people in her squad, but at the end of the day, you can feel, seeping out of that, kind of this residual emotion, and that very vulnerable side of her seeps through the cracks, and to me that's the perfect mixture that the character of Private Cole really needed.

I totally saw that. She really comes across as a hard person while slowly melting toward a truly sympathetic human being at the end.

Yeah, yeah. It's about stripping away those layers and the things that kind of make her character uncomfortable. It's like a character that's not comfortable in their own skin, which is why it's so satisfying for her to put on this "costume" of a soldier because she can just kinda pretend to be this soldier and not really get into that hurt and vulnerable part of herself. That's really what the movie, towards the end, is about. It's about opening up, and that takes courage. As we say in the tagline, "Connection takes courage."

I think sometimes she gets a bad rap. I've totally believed her as an actress.

Yeah, it's an interesting phenomenon, the phenomenon of Kristen Stewart, not just as a person or as an actress. It's a very unusual thing, and I've never really understood it. Like, I remember before the movie came out, a lot of people were like really shocked that she was gonna play a character in a film like this. I never understood it because she's been doing these really interesting films for her whole career. I think the problem is that there is a small percentage of people out there who only know her from Twilight. That's one series of films in an otherwise rather large body of work that has pretty interesting dynamics. It has The Runaways to comedy, like Adventureland, so it's interesting. You know what the great thing is though, now? It's really cool that the conversation around her is changing and everyone's really starting to talk about her in a much different light, and I feel really honored to have been a part of this kind of new wave of Kristen Stewart's career.

Read Peter's full interview with Miami New Times.

Camp X-Ray opens exclusively in South Florida at the Coral Gables Art Cinema today (October 24). There will be a red carpet premiere with director Peter Sattler at 7 p.m. who will introduce the film and entertain a Q&A after the screening, which begins at 8 p.m. There will also be drink and food. Visit

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Video: Olivier Assayas talks about 'Clouds of Sils Maria' and Kristen (Ioncinema)

Olivier mentions Kristen at 7.46mins.

Kristen will be on the 'Indie Contenders Roundtable' panel at AFI Fest on Nov 9

Photo was from the AFI Fest app

An eclectic group of eight distinguished filmmakers who did celebrated work on independent films in 2014 will appear on the AFI Fest's inaugural Indie Contenders Roundtable, presented by The Hollywood Reporter and moderated by yours truly [Scott Feinberg], on Nov. 9 in Hollywood.

They are: writer/director J.C. Chandor (AFI Fest opener A Most Violent Year), writer/director Damien Chazelle (Whiplash), actress Marion Cotillard (Two Days, One Night), actor Jake Gyllenhaal (Nightcrawler), actor Bill Hader (The Skeleton Twins), actress Michelle Monaghan (Fort Bliss), actress Kristen Stewart (Still Alice) and actress Tilda Swinton (Snowpiercer).

The 90-minute conversation — which will touch on the panelists' 2014 performances, as well as their overall careers, influences and the challenges and rewards of working on indies — will take place at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel's AFI Fest Cinema Lounge in front of a crowd of 200 AFI Fest badgeholders and ticketholders. (Tickets will be available Friday.)

Video of the full conversation will subsequently appear on THR.

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Video: Peter Sattler talks about 'Camp X-Ray' and Kristen

New/old BTS pics on the set of 'Camp X-Ray'

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New Sundance portrait + more quotes with InStyle

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When Kristen Stewart headed to a Los Angeles prison to shoot Camp X-Ray, she expected that her role as a soldier who befriends a detainee in Guantanamo Bay would be intense—but she had no idea that ghost hunting would be part of the job. Spending almost a month on the set of a deserted detention center, Stewart and her co-stars found themselves getting spooked more often than not when filming the powerful drama. We caught up with the cast at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, where they filled us in on the most haunting behind-the-scenes moments from the movie, out now.

One night after filming, the creepy surroundings got the best of Stewart. “It was really late, and I needed to blow off steam and be alone for a second,” she recalled. “I walked back to my trailer by myself, and I started running. I think I was even saying, ‘Leave me alone! I don’t care!’ as I was running.”

The ghosts on set weren’t all scary, and Stewart believes that one of them even helped her impress her male co-stars on the basketball court during breaks. “I literally felt like the court was haunted, and some little boy [ghost] was like, ‘I’m gonna make the girl win and piss off all the dudes on set,” she says. And when they weren’t practicing their free throws, the cast took part in other (ghost-free) activities. “We went bowling a lot, and then we built a golf course in the prison,” said co-star Lane Garrison, who plays a prison guard in the film. “Kristen’s a great golfer!”

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Audio: Peter Sattler talks about 'Camp X-Ray' and Kristen (Directors Notes)

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Juliette Binoche talks about Kristen (Indiewire)

In "Clouds of Sils Maria," you play an aging actress who sort of gets threatened by a younger actress. I'm assuming you aren't actually threatened by Kristen Stewart or Chloe Moretz. Did you take on a mentor or teaching role during filming?

It's interesting, because I read in an interview -- and I don't really read interviews -- that Olivier said that there were moments when I was showing up Kristen, showing her how to act. For me it's never been like that. Sometimes I push her, because I know her potential. When you see that, it's very exciting as an actor to go and push someone. I think deep down I would like to teach one day. It's about mothering, about giving birth, a midwife kind of situation, and there's something very rewarding in a very hidden place. When you see somebody transforming and growing, it's such a reward because it gives hope to everybody. With Kristen, in the films she's done, I don't think she ever really experienced how amazing she is. Actually, when I saw her in interviews, the way she listens and the way she answers, I said, "This is a great actress." Just the way of receiving and giving back. I think she has an amazing career in front of her, and she's gonna surprise us.

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