Wednesday, July 29, 2015

'Equals' will have its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival in competition + new still

New Still

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The 72nd Venice International Film Festival runs from 2 - 12 September this year.

When the schedule is available will be post it here.

For more details & tickets, please check out the festival's official site.


Jesse Eisenberg mentions Kristen and talks about 'American Ultra' + the Woody Allen project

CS: You’ve been in the play on Broadway for a while and I just saw the trailer for “American Ultra” so it’s fun to see you reuniting with Kristen after “Adventureland.”

Eisenberg: It’s quite a different tone.

CS: Was it just a coincidence that you ended up doing another movie together?

Eisenberg: Yeah, pretty coincidental, but we like each other. We work a similar way and have a similar sense of humor. She’s like Jason in that way, too. We like different things that are maybe a little heightened but try to kind of play it maybe realistically, which we did in this movie. And “American Ultra” too. It’s not comparable to this movie, but it’s very heightened but our acting was real.

CS: You’ve done a lot of dramas and comedies, so do you have a preference at this point or do you just try to vary it?

Eisenberg: No, anytime there’s a good character. Like “American Ultra” is a movie I never thought I would be in because it’s more violent than the stuff I’m usually comfortable with, but the character is so great. I thought that this character is as good as a character that would be in a kitchen sink drama, an independent drama. It’s a really well put-together role. No, good characters tend to transcend genre in a way that very few other jobs can do. The same guy who can do the special FX on “American Ultra” could probably never set foot on “The End of the Tour” just because he would have nothing to do–maybe little things but it would be boring–but my job can transcend that. If you’re creating a Metropolis world, it probably would be boring to paint out some billboard in “The End of the Tour.” My job is pretty much the same.

CS: Is it true you’re doing another movie with Woody Allen?

Eisenberg: Yeah that’s in August.

CS: How much do you know about those movie before you do them? You’ve worked with him before so there’s maybe less pressure.

Eisenberg: Yeah, they gave me the script for one day so I got to read it. This is like three months ago or so, so I read it for the day and then you show up. A little bit less pressure, exactly. I know what I’m in for, yeah.

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New/old BTS photo from the 'Just One of the Guys' music video

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Bill Condon mentions Kristen with Vanity Fair

Did any part of you feel vindicated by Kristen Stewart’s recent C├ęsar win? When actors or directors make a big franchise film like Twilight, people sometimes write them off as having sold out. Have you felt vindicated since the movie? Do you even need vindication?

I’d been a fan of Kristen’s before Breaking Dawn, and I loved working with her. She’s incredibly smart and committed, she played such a range of emotions across a single film, from wedding jitters to death throes to vampire orgasm—I mean, if you can pull that off, you can do anything.


Video: Kristen and Jesse Eisenberg interview with Josh Horowitz for 'American Ultra'

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Kristen's favorite stoner movies + quotes on 'American Ultra'

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Kristen Stewart will have you know that it’s really hard to play a high person if you’re not high. “There’s a slack in the face that you can’t fake.” Stewart explains. She got a lot of practice this year, playing a lovable deadbeat alongside Jesse Eisenberg in ‘American Ultra’. Don’t call it just another stoner flick, says Stewart. It’s a comedy/action movie – with stoners. “Jesse is a sleeper-cell ninja agent,” says Stewart, “who is constantly high, but who takes down six people with a spoon.” Perhaps ‘Ultra’ transcends the stoner canon, but Stewart has nothing against classics. Here, her favorites:

Half Baked

"I was super into watching stoner movies when I was too young—Half Baked, the classics. I was a little aspiring stoner."

Up in Smoke

"I think Cheech & Chong are definitely smoking real weed in that movie. It is actually, really, truly about smoking pot."

This is the End

"It's not, like, universally loved, but I really thought it
 was fucking hilarious. I like all those actors, and they're letting
it all out, and it's really a trip."

Smiley Face

"It's a really good stoner movie that Anna Faris did.
 She's so hilarious. She plays this, like, imbecile—this really, really dumb stoner girl—and it's just a day in her life."

Super Troopers

"I really love Super Troopers. I snuck into that movie as a kid and got kicked out and had to wait to see it later."

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New/old photo of Kristen at the Robot Restuarant in Tokyo (Japan)

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New 'American Ultra' still

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