Sunday, June 23, 2013

Audition videos for Camp X-Ray characters

The videos below have been deleted, but we will leave the links here  just in case it reappears.

Audition for Kristen's role, Cole.

Camp X-Ray from OGB on Vimeo.

Joseph Julian Soria has been cast in this role - as 'Rico'.

The 3 video auditions above are for the role of 'Ali'.
Peyman Moaadi has now been cast in this role.

Audition for the role of  'Jackson' (actor Andy Senita).

Camp X Ray from TJ Linnard on Vimeo.

Audition for the role of 'Randy'. The actor reads with Kristen's role, Cole.

Another audition for 'Randy'. Reads with Cole.

Camp X-Ray Audition from Adam Rennie on Vimeo.

Audition for the role of 'Rodriguez'. It appears this scene would have Cole in it.

Detainee audition

Damien Aud Camp X-Ray from Damien Diaz on Vimeo.

Please note, that the last 6 male actors in the audition tapes (that we know of at the moment) are not confirmed for the roles. 

Thank you to @KstewAngel :)

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