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More details & synopsis on Kristen's new project 'Sils Maria'

"Shooting begins this summer in Switzerland. The next Olivier Assayas film presents an exciting cosmopolitan distribution that includes Juliette Binoche in the role of a famous actress, Kristen Stewart is one of her assistants and Chloë Moretz is the young Hollywood actress."

Location: Germany and Switzerland - Allemagne (Leipiz et Berlin) – Suisse (Sils Maria)

Runtime: 1 hour & 50 minutes

Character: Valentine / Kristen Stewart - 25 years, Maria Enders assistant. A little more than a worker: her friend, her confidante. Both near and far. Also like Maria, she is very lonely.


At eighteen, Maria Enders was successful in theatre with MalojaSnake. She played Sigird, an ambitious girl with disorder charm who fascinated and led to suicide Helena, a mature woman.

This role has changed her life.

More than twenty years have passed when, at the peak of her fame, she was asked to receive in Zurich a prestigious award on behalf of Wilhelm Melchior, the author and director to which she owes her early recognition, and now lives as a recluse, in Sils Maria (Switzlerland).

But the sudden death of the latter, a few hours before the ceremony, puts Maria Enders against the vertigo of time, that is of a past which she hasn't got away with.

And even more when a young director in vogue asks her to play again in MalojaSnake, but this time on the other side of the story, Helena's, from the destruction of who she's built her notoriety.

Caught in the turmoil of a divorce, which deprives her of any sentimental support, her only interlocutor is her assistant, Valentine, both the multi task assistant and her only friend, even if Maria and Valentine are trying to remove ambiguities of this intimate and exclusive relationship.

But the real threat is called Jo-Ann Ellis, a very young Hollywood actress with a scandalous reputation and who'll play Sigrid. At once a rival and a disturbing mirror of her youth, which she will have no choice but to deal with.

In order to reconcile with time, with age, with maturity, ending by learning that at all seasons of a life you must conquer freedom, independence and also the strength to be yourself, and sometimes painfully.

More details

20 years after her huge success with the role of „Sigrid“, a very young girl, who fascinates a mature woman named Helena and drives her finally into suicide, Maria Enders gets confrontated with the same play, this time from the perspective of her former counterpart. Is she ready to be the victim now? Is she ready to get confronted with doubts, questions and insecurities, which she avoided so far but come along with matureness? 

Writer: Olivier Assayas
Director: Olivier Assayas
Producer: Karl Baumgartner, Thanassis Karathanos, Charles Gillibert, Jean-Louis Porchet, Gérard Ruey  

Original French press kit can be read & downloaded from here with more details on the full cast list.

Source Cab Productions Source Pallas Films 
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